Name: Maximilian Gabriel
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Enrolled at Caelum academy max does a great many things, like
falling asleep in class, getting sent to detention and befrending
the local dinosaur. Often a complete idiot, Max appears to have
a minor fixation with swords (possibly because he's never allowed
to use them). After participating in the Rhoneheim festival he discovered
a strange symbol on the back of his hand.

Name: Lucas Gabriel
Age: 22
Occupation: Teacher

The older brother of Max, Lucas is an esteemed member
of the Caelum academy teaching staff. He attempts to teach
his brother at the academy but often fails miserably. Has a
high class doctorate in the field of punching (literally "punching").
Bit of a scaredy cat, most likely mental.

Name: Katie Winters
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Katie met Lucas and Max in Brandy at the Rhoneheim festival.
after winning said festival (albeit slightly unfairly) and
realising she was a natural crafts user Lucas invited her to
study at Caelum academy. She struggles to be able to control
her "abilities" mainly due to the fact that she doesn't totally
understand what the hell they are.

Name: Skye Captain
Age: 16
Occupation: Pirate

Captain Skye Captain can't really be called a Captain since
she doesn't really have a crew and she doesn't really have
a ship. Often in fights with her dad, she is next in line
for the head of the Pirates guild (hence the surname "Captain").
Not always best pleased about her status, she tends to spend
her time drinking and swearing (even though she's not too great at either).

Name: Alex
Age: ??
Occupation: Bodyguard

Hired as Skye's bodyguard Alex tends to act slightly mysterious,
whether that's through necessity or through personal preference
is another matter. He likes cupcakes.
Seems to know what the symbol on Max's hand is.

Name: Serylius Captain
Age: 38
Occupation: Pirate

Captain Serylius Captain is head of the Pirates guild and also
Skye's father. Hired alex to be Skye's bodyguard whilst he himself
isn't able to look after her. He likes to test Skye's "captaincy" by
continuously stealing her ships.

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